Single Barrel Bourbon

Evaluation of barrels involves luck and skill.  Seems odd, but barrels filled with the same mash bill, aged in same location, and housed in identically sized barrels with the same char and from the same Cooperage can have varying results.  It has to do with science and wood/alcohol interaction.  Some barrels just produce whiskey with characteristics that are unique, an effortless balance of taste, aromas, texture and mouthfeel.  How does one find these?  One must taste a lot of barrels, and have an exceptional pallet.  This is the skill part, which our head distiller and team possess.  Finding these barrels does not occur often, but when we identify one, we offer it at cask strength, allowing you to share the experience of our discovery.  Each Handen Single Barrel pick is outstanding whiskey, superbly nuanced, multi-layered with flavor and aromas, and an incredible mouthfeel, and always served at cask strength.  You can taste our skill, and we give full credit to barrel luck. 

Gold Winner, 2019 American Distilling Institute.

Available in 750ml bottles – Proof Varies – Cask Strength


Small Batch Bourbon

Our Small Batch Bourbon represents a blend of fewer than 10 barrels.  Because each barrel evolves differently during aging – some are sweeter, bringing forth apple or caramel, and some possess more smoke or cigar box –  the blend allows us to craft a beautifully balanced bourbon. The sum of those barrels becomes greater than the parts. We blend 3-4 year old Bourbon Whiskey skillfully, hand selecting barrels based on flavor profiles to create a blend that play well together. 

Available in 750ml bottles – 94.4 Proof

Also available in a Cask Strength offering – Proof varies


Port Barrel Finished Bourbon

We hand select bourbon barrels specifically to finish in used Port Barrels from Portugal.  Timing is very important on this blend.  The Port barrels must be newly drained and must arrive from overseas still wet, which allows our bourbon to finish evenly, so as to produce a sweet, dark fruit aroma, balanced palate and end with lasting vanilla, hint of fruit and a trace of the traditional port barrel as a finish.  Cask strength, exceptional taste profile, and only available when the right Port barrels come around. 


Available in 750ml bottles – Proof varies – Cask Strength

Original Gin

Tank Line Original Gin is not your traditional London Dry Gin.  Juniper does not take center stage in our Gin but serves as a balance and supports our unique citrus and floral botanical blend. Exceptionally smooth and beautifully balanced – our botanicals meld together, with no one standout, ensuring that the overall spirit taste profile and not an individually botanical component shines through. Super balanced in a cocktail, or alone neat or on the rocks. This is an unusual Gin. 

Silver Winner, 2019 American Distilling Institute

Silver Winner, 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition

Gold Winner, 2019 “The Fifty Best” Gin

Available in 750ml bottles – 88 Proof

Barrel Aged Gin

Why barrel aged gin?  Why not!  Handen Barrel Aged Gin pushes our Original Gin out of its comfort zone.  Our Original Tank Line Gin takes a rest in spent whisky barrels which results in a totally transformation.  The BA Gin picks up notes of vanilla, orange peel and tangerine on the front note, but retains the original botanical balance, muted a bit.  Exceptionally smooth (just like our Original Bin), and very versatile, this chameleon of a Gin can be enjoyed in a classic G&T, over ice, neat or substitute it for whiskey in a cocktail. 

Available in 750ml bottles – 80 Proof


Handen vodka is distilled from potatoes, accounting for its bright and floral aroma.  Multiple distillations and generous cuts give it a palate that is smooth and completely without burn.  When tasting, notice how it coats the tongue with a viscous and luscious mouthfeel.  The taste is clean with a lasting sweetness on the finish as it warms.

Bronze Winner, 2019 American Distilling Institute

Silver Winner, 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition

Available in 750ml bottles – 80 Proof


Mill Race

A Blend of Straight Whiskies

Skillful blending is an art and science.  One has to understand the components and how their individual profiles and characteristics will relate to each other in order to insure a complimentary blend.  It is not easy, involving some luck and more skill.  Our blend of Two Straight Whiskies starts with great product.  Skillfully blending, we end up with a Whisky that is light copper in appearance, with an aroma of green apple, oak and caramel.  The overall palate is medium bodied, with a sweetness that falls right in the center of your tongue.  Taste starts out with toffee and honey, followed by a touch of mild smoke.  Notes of cinnamon and vanilla appear on the finish, with an overall smooth profile. 

Silver Winner,2019 American Distilling Institute

Silver Winner, 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition    

Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles – 86 Proof


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About Us

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Handen is a word for hands in German and other Northern European languages.  It is a nod to the Northern European influence on Wisconsin and more specifically to the Germanic influence on the development of Cedarburg.  More importantly it signifies our focus on hand crafting the spirits we provide to you.  It serves as a constant reminder that many hands will be responsible for our success and that our ultimate success lies in your hands – the hands of our customer.

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